The Film Critics Hated it–So What!

According to a recent AP report, 11 movies so far this year haven’t been shown to critics–up from two in the same period last year. Forbes this week discussed how film critics are becoming almost obsolete.

“For the folks who make their living reviewing films, this new tactic adds insult to injury. Not only do they have to forgo the ego boost of VIP treatment–but now they also have to rush to regular old premieres, sitting next to the hoi polloi (read: you and me). Being able to drop hints about the new Woody Allen or Terrence Malick flick makes you the envy of any social set. Having to spend the evening at the local multiplex to catch the opening of Benchwarmers or Phat Girlz makes you a regular working Joe or Jane.

For movie studios, freezing critics out of select premieres might have been a smart move even decades ago. As with all complex products, there’s plenty that can go wrong with a movie. Inevitably, there are films in which just about everything that could have gone wrong, does. Why throw a dog of a movie to a pack of wolves if you can avoid it?

Also, some movie genres get a much fairer shake from critics than others. Let’s face it: Film critics are movie buffs first–and as such, they’re much more inclined to rave about an independent film than a horror flick. And they invariably prefer sharp wit to sophomoric humor. Little surprise, then, that the “unseen 11″ skew heavily to subject matter that reviewers are prone to disdain.”