Spotting a Moose….or Did We?

moose 742246
Today we drove up to Greenfield to scout out a location for my daughter Kate’s wedding in July. The White Eagle Society’s Polish Picnic Grounds looked like the perfect spot. A big pavillion, acres of grass, tables, a huge barbecue pit and a nearby river. It will be great in July when the sun is high and the people arrive ready to party and celebrate.

En route, we screeched to a stop…there in a field, a huge moose, with big antlers, frozen there. We backed up for a closer look. Then we noticed that it was a lifesize cardboard cut out. How many other suckers have stopped there to gaze at that faux moose? The folks who live there must laugh at how many city slickers are fooled every day!

Looking forward to catching up with the Sopranos tonight. Now that Vito is out of the closet and on the lamb in New Hampshire, we hope to see familiar Chicopee on the show, since they filmed there earlier this year.