Moe and Kitty–Class Act for 50 Years

Last night we drove up to Barre Vermont for a very special night–it was the 50th anniversary dinner, long planned, of Maurice and Kitty Bigras. I thought I was going to speak, be called upon to read one of my famous speeches…but that moment never came. I wrote some notes, however, and the next day on the sunny patio, I told Moe what I would have said had the mike been passed to me.

“You built a successful sandblasting business that your son took over, and now your grandsons work there too. You’ve got friends from all over Vermont, 136 of them showed up to honor you and Kitty…you’re the father of four kids who are all successful, with each one you have a positive and nurturing relationship, and at the head table 19 family members sat by your side. Moe you’re a rich man, and I admire you for succeeding in so many ways.”

Moe smiled and thanked me, and had a puff on his pipe and sat back. We watched wild turkeys strut across the back field and enjoyed some relaxing time in the sun. Posted by Picasa