Max E. Churchill is Done for a While

I went to Greenfield on Wednesday morning, and was crossing the street when I saw two cops quickly approach in a cruiser. They looked excited, energized, and one gripped his holster as he ran toward the BankNorth on Federal Street. They were looking for somebody, and I didn’t know who. Then in the paper I read that it was Max E. Churchill they were trying to find.

Today’s paper showed a picture of old Max. “A gentle giant,” is how one of the townsfolk in Heath where he lived, described him. “We’ve known him his whole life, I find this very dismaying and hard to believe. And I have to say that photograph looks nothing like him.” This photo was on the paper’s front page, it showed Max in a ski cap looking menacing. He has lived a tough life–with lots of knocks. Leaving the scene of an accident; larceny by check, his mom’s trailer with a tax lien on it… his fingerprints were easy for the cops to find.

How sad, thinking about it, that after he’s caught, he’s going to spend years in a jail cell.  A sad way for Max E. Churchill, of Heath, to end up.