Going Around the World with Arthur and Barney

Where does the day go? That must be what other business owners say to themselves, as the day winds down and you look at the clock to see it’s after five. I often wrestle with five, that’s when we close, because nobody seems to want coffee between 5-6. So we close, but we are always all still here, pecking away at our computers and putting up stories in the back. Britt, one of our hardworking cafe employees, still has lots to do, but I hate letting more people come in and make a mess…so if somebody comes in now, well the coffee’s already down the drain.

I was on the Around the World with Arthur and Barney show today, it’s taped live out of their studio in Santa Barbara. While I was on hold, I got to hear the hilarious and raucous banter between Barney and some female staffers. “We’re getting wild and crazy here in the studio,” they joked. Then it was time to come on, and I talked about Cyprus. I gave a lot of detail, about the halloumi cheese they serve grilled, and the seafood meze feast we had on the cliff overlooking the ‘fabled birthplace of Aphrodite,’ on the Southern Coast. Radio is fun, live and always energizing. I cringed at one point when my phone here wouldn’t stop ringing, but they didn’t seem to mind…hey it’s all part of doing a live show with a live person in an cafe across the country.