Funny Things We Say and Think About

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I love words and expressions, and sometimes I chuckle to myself as I am driving or walking about certain turns of phrase. Yesterday I mulled over “poor man’s,” for example. I was thinking about a friend who is an adventure writer, and thought “he’s a poor man’s Jon Krakauer.” Meaning that he isn’t the real Jon, but pretty damn close.

The idea of being a Poor Man’s version makes me chuckle, as if you’re not as good at the rich man’s version but you’ll do in a pinch. I also love “slippery slope,” in context of what can happen when you start something you might regret. Lurch is another verb that makes me smile, as does ‘bristling’ as in the top of a police cruiser bristling with antennae.

I also have my favorite words—they all relate to travel. I love the words marine, vessel, aircraft, and especially voyage. In fact I named my sales company Voyager ’cause I loved that word so much.