Brad Shepard and Barney: Radio Next Week

Brad Shepard emailed me last week, recalling that I’d left him a voicemail. I left that message two months ago, but hey, I’m glad he called. Brad does the morning show on WHYN-AM 560, my favorite radio station. I’ll be chatting about the GoNOMAD Cafe on Monday morning at 8:05 am. Just now a fire alarm went off, I began thinking that I left something on, but it was something in the apartment upstairs. Outside the guys from Georgios were looking bemusedly at me from the parking lot.

Later in the week I am going to be on Arthur and Barney’s Around the World radio show, out of Santa Barbara. They do this one live, I’ll chat with them about Cyprus and what it was like there. Soon I will finish writing that article and put it up, and be caught up with my writing duties…until the next trip.