A Regal Launch Party in Amherst

We went to the Advocate’s Preview Massachusetts party, me all dolled up in a tie and Cindy in a very cute black dress. Her hair was curled and I had on a khaki suit I hadn’t worn in years. Remarkably, it fit me well, and the color was right for the season….can’t really pull off the wool coat in late April, can you?

There were hundreds of people at the Eric Carle Museum, a wide open space, and one the first people we talked to was Jill, who does voice overs and just moved to Greenfield. She had been in attendance that morning at my Franklin County of Chamber seminar on Search Engine strategy, here she was all dolled up for the party nine hours later. Funny.

Then we chatted with Tom Vannah, and the publisher of the new mag, Janet Reynolds. The Executive Editor of Preview is named Alistair, he is taller than most of the people in the room, and young, friendly, and interested in what the future holds for using the web in combination with all of these print vehicles. Janet told us why they’re giving away this glossy four-color magazine…It’s the delivery system we’re used to, and we want to make it available, and out there.

You won’t find piles of Preview Massachusetts at Stop and Shop. They will deliver them to higher end retailers and even deliver them to certain high income households who also get the Hartford Courant. We chatted up Bob Paquette, of WFCR, and Marc Berman, who runs radio stations around the US, and with Paul Kozub, who was serving free martinis made with the vodka he produces in Hadley.

An evening of interesting people, tasty vodka and an exciting new magazine we’re pleased to be a part of. Stay tuned!