Wal-Mart Might be the Tipping Point for Organics

At the cafe, we buy all of the local papers, so today I browsed the Greenfield Recorder, and found a significant story about Wal-Mart. The headline ‘Wal-Mart Goes Organic,’ meant a tipping point will soon be reached. The stores are throwing their massive weight behind purchasing only wild-caught fish that are caught by sustainable means….so no more long line or drift net caught fish.

“Sustainability experts say that what makes this program interesting is that Wal-Mart will work with its suppliers to get more fisheries around the world certified by MSC, instead of just buying up the existing stock of certified fish. The store says that this means there will be more sustainable fish available to their competitors.

“Like many big companies, they have figured out it is just good marketing and good reputation building to be in favor of things that Americans are increasingly interested in,” said a consultant.