Saturday Morning at the GoNOMAD Cafe

Saturday morning, I awoke from a somewhat fitful sleep. I had to be at the cafe to open at 6:30 am. I thought about the coffee that awaited…the strong stuff, the kind that really wakes you up. GoNOMAD blend to the rescue! It is my new employee Dianne Suller’s first day on the job. She was nervous; so was I. I haven’t worked here without my main man Alan Wickwire to guide me. But as the boss, you do these things, so here I am, in my storefront window, waiting for customers.

I got a nice piece of advice from Sean Pierce, one of two brothers who roast our coffee. He said that our location was perfect, and there is nothing like us in town–no where else to get the kind of coffee and lattes that we offer. He said he thought we could grow and grow and if we keep at it, develop a strong following here.

I’ve taken the pills–I believe, lord, I believe….we’ll stick it out until they find us, and work like hell to bring people into ‘the little cafe that could.’

In this spirit, today I am offering Computer Q&A for anyone with a question. I am bringing in Joe who knows everything, and I hope there are some folks with questions we can answer. Hey, even if only a few show up, we’re still happy to help them.