Blog in LA: No tech knowledge required. No editors.

Reading today a story linked to this ad for a new website in LA, looking for writers, who want the experience of writing, with a blog-like attitude.

“You’re a journalist.

You write about Los Angeles – the live, crackling energy of its politics and people and media and neighborhoods.

You love writing – and you have great L.A. stories to tell, passions to share, beefs to broadcast to the powers that be.

But getting published in the L.A. Weekly, CityBeat, Los Angeles Magazine, the Times and a dozen more L.A. papers and mags means you have to endure the grind: Editors don’t return your phone calls. They ignore your emails. They hang onto your work for months. If and when they run it, they mangle it or ask for late, massive changes and further reporting.

Sure, you’d start a blog of your own – if you wanted the hassle – but you don’t. is your blog – an open, public-access newsblog for all of Los Angeles. We’re widely read by L.A. politicians, journalists, bloggers and the people they serve. This active, smart audience engages passionately with people who post stories at LAVoice.

We don’t offer money, but we aren’t demanding painstakingly researched, 1,500-word stories either.

What we offer is freedom, a space for your voice, a place for your byline, a way to get known. Posting at LAVoice puts your name online, a solid line on your resume, and gives you room to flex your style in short, sharp bursts whenever the mood hits.

No self-marketing hassles. No tech knowledge required. No editors. is looking for powerful writers to post short items on L.A.’s politics, media, music, theater and art, the environment and car culture.

You may already have a blog. Promote it by cross-posting your L.A. news to If you’re passionate and accurate, and if you commit to posting something at least two or three times a week, we’ll make you a Featured Voice.

Your words, online within minutes, read daily by thousands in L.A. and beyond. That’s all. There’s no tryout process, no editorial review. Just your space at a prominent L.A. weblog, waiting to be claimed. GO FOR IT.