A Drizzly Monday at the Cafe

A drizzly, rainy day in South Deerfield, and not many folks are coming in for coffee today. Funny you would think they would need the caffeine more on a day like this, but even the women at the bank said that nobody was coming in and they felt like taking a nap. Alan, bless his heart, reminded me that we are up $5 from last Monday. What would I do without his charming sense of optimism, eh?

Building a retail business takes time. I haven’t a wit of patience, but it builds, slowly, frustratingly slowly, and eventually you can look back on the early days and say, wow, we’ve come a long way. I remember when I started the GoNOMAD website, we used to sell advertising in $100 and $200 dribs and drabs. Those days are far behind us, we finally wised up and offer longer and better programs for much more money per sale. The point is let’s stick it out and reach out and create regular customers. And if we can do that we will be here for a long time.