The Ultimate Wireless Gadget

Stop reading for a moment. Flip this over. Notice that the backside of your morning newspaper is utterly unencumbered by cords, plugs, telephone jacks or USB connections. The Miami Herald had this take on newspapers today.

To hell with Bluetooth technology. We were wireless long before wireless was cool.
Marvel at our paper-thin technology — each page 40 times skinnier than an iPod Nano. Take it anywhere. Take it to the bathroom. To bed. On an airplane. When the flight attendants hustle through the cabin shutting down Blackberrys, Razrs, Vaios, Shuffles and Palm Pilots, your Miami Herald keeps on working.

We’re particularly dependable during hurricane season. When devices dependent on FPL, Comcast or BellSouth went down the moment a live oak crashed into the wires — and stayed down for weeks — The Miami Herald still functioned. Your newspaper may be the only communication device in the high-tech age that operates with candlelight.
When rainwater seeped under the French doors, The Herald came to the rescue. Not to dam competing technologies with faint praise, but just try stuffing your 42-inch Sony plasma television under the doorway.