Plumbing Blues Can’t Bring Us Down

Today was an adrenaline day. One of my first orders of business turned out sour: The plumber, who also turns out to be the Inspector, insisted we have a grease trap in our cafe’s sinks. So that means some sort of vertical drilling up through the apartments and breaking through the membrane of the roof. Sounds expensive, huh?

But the GoNOMAD CAFE forges on. Refusing to be derailed by costly problems. We met a qualified young man who wants to come work for us. He’s spent time managing at Starbucks, so it might be a good fit.

We are looking into fabric for the celings. Since we’re GoNOMAD and all, I figured we should have a cafe that looks like a desert tent. So I am trying to find this fabric in hopes we can cover the ceiloing with it.