Laughing at Cats on Google Video

I woke up this morning after one of those dreams you keep thinking about. It was about my prep school reunion, and the sadness of saying good bye to all of those old chums. But then I cracked open the laptop and eventually landed on Google Video.

What a treat! First there was a line-up of old shows like I Love Lucy which I could buy and download the episode for $2.95. Nah….then below this was a bunch of homemade or surreptiously taped segments that were free. The one that made me laugh out loud was called “Funny Cats.” It is a collection of clips of cats falling, jumping, and generally being hilarious. Google has even added a new feature: they provide code so if you want you can copy and paste the snippet onto your own website.

I don’t ever remember technology moving this fast in years before. The convergence, as they would say, has really come.