Don’t Worry, Larry and Sergey Can Afford the Vino

Glimpses of Davos…from the NY Times blog about the World Economic Forum came this post by Mark Landler.

“People flock to Google’s party here to gawk at Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founders, who now vie with Bill Gates for Davos celebrity status. But this isn’t just a Silicon Valley suck-up. Google and its co-host, Accel Partners, invited Shimon Peres to muse about the future of the Middle East, in the wake of the Hamas victory last week.

They also poured some serious wines, including a 1959 Pauillac Bordeaux and a 1990 Krug champagne. Larry Page told us they hired a wine connoisseur to select the vintages — though Joe Schoendorf of Accel is himself a wine guy. The connoisseur, Larry said, was aghast to find out hundreds of people were coming. “You can’t serve this stuff to anybody off the street,” the expert said.

We were moved to thank Larry for his generosity, before remembering that Google has a market cap of $100 billion-plus.