Craig’s List: Do Laundry for Sex

I spent time late tonight poring over Craig’s list, and was intrigued by this amalgamation of people’s points of view. Particularly noteworthy was the “Best Of Rants and Raves section,” where in the true folksonomie tradition, readers voted for their favorite rants.

One woman got right to the point. She hated doing laundry. She owned enough socks and underwear to fill ten to twelve laundry baskets. But she was very particular about how her laundry got done.

She offered any male who would do a good job on her laundry a special reward. You can guess what it was, not the full monte, but almost as good. I am not sure how many takers she had for this intriguing offer.

Another poster provided a chronicle of how he had vexed a Nigerian scammer by pretending to comply with his wishes to wire him a large sum. The poster pretended to be a dumb assistant to a rich corporate type, and emailed false reference numbers again and again, with his fictitious remittances.

He shared an email exchange that included the growing exasperation of the Nigerian scammer, until finally the poster told him what a terrible human being he was by trying to rip off another innocent American.