Be Glad You’re Not Francis G. Keough

Stephanie Barry wrote in today’s Republican about Francis G. Keough III’s vacation home in Charlestown, R.I..

Barring a legal turnaround, Keough’s $700,000 home at 59 Oyster Drive has been drained of value. Neighbors successfully sued him for using their private access road as a driveway. A Rhode Island Superior Court judge issued a decision last Sept. 29 barring Keough from using the road, assailing his credibility and awarding his neighbors $1 in damages

The result: the two-story contemporary with a view of Foster Cove is land-locked with no legal way in or out. The decision followed a jury-waived trial last spring. In addition to enjoining the road, Lanphear also ordered Keough to dig up his septic system, which he embedded in his neighbors’ property.

Keough already was fined $1,000 by local environmental officials for cutting down about an acre of wetlands-protected trees to secure his water view.