A Day at the Javits

We worked hard today at the Javits and now are enjoying some wine in our 24th floor room of the Marriot Marquis NY. We are returning to our old favorite restaurant, Osteria Gelsi, on Ninth Avenue, with Sony, Paul, Kent, Lisa, Cindy, Joe, Cathie, all celebrating the GoNOMAD brand as we resonate with the travelers of the world.

Being in New York is like being nowhere else. Contacts, new possibilities, and encouraging new ideas all mingle on the show floor. The show brings together so many different people.

At one point I looked up and among the crowd of people passing by were my parents Nat and Val, they had come into the city and came to our both. What a surprise! Everyone commented on my mother’s beauty, and how much they enjoyed seeing these spry septuagenarians out on the town.

Waiting for Cindy to come up to the this floor…then we can go out to dinner.