The Giant’s Curious Causeway in County Antrim

We drove up to County Antrim today on Northern Ireland’s rocky coast. Here we felt the stiff winds and driving rain that the country is known for, and found a remarkable geological wonder called the Giant’s causeway.

Along the cliffs of the shore, astonishing hexagonal shaped rocks about one-foot wide are placed all about, as if someone was designing a huge patio by the sea. Then there are the Giant’s organ, thin tubular rocks that stretch dozens of feet up the sides of the cliffs. Their origin, said our guide Rosemary Connally is volcanic and they’ve been there for only about 60 million years, a geologic hiccup.

The waves, said Rosemary, where higher than she’d ever seen, (and she was raised here,) they were 8 or 9 foot swells that crashed on the rocks spewing seafoam on the beach. Northern Ireland’s most famous sight did not disappoint us!