Spreading the Plame

Why did we jump headlong into supporting a war in Iraq? Bob Norman of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times lists his top five co-conspiracists who made us believe in the cause.

*Thomas Friedman: “He’s like a mouse on a sinking ship, running from nook to nook as the water comes to flood his excuses.”

*Jim Hoagland: “This is sort of the Post’s version of Judith Miller, only he gets more leeway because he’s an op-ed columnist. … Hoagland, to his great detriment, forged a too-close, 30-year friendship with Ahmad Chalabi. It obviously skewed the man’s logic.”

*Kingsley Guy: “I put Guy’s name here only because he runs the Sun-Sentinel’s editorial page, where numerous unsigned and unintelligible commentaries have appeared regarding Iraq.”

*Nicolas Kristof: “Here’s my advice to Mr. Kristof: Stop trying to fly with the hawks. They’re smarter and meaner than you are. If you’re a dove, be a damned dove.”

*Jeffrey Goldberg: “I think Vanity Fair writer James Wolcott got it right when he described Goldberg’s prose as ‘neocon propaganda and scaremongering disseminated under the guise of reporting.'”