Rhapsody in Montpelier Vermont

Today we are in Montpelier Vermont, one of the most lefty towns in America. Everywhere we see organic this and natural that, but the place is friendly and our lunch in Rhapsody Natural Foods Cafe included miso soup, tempeh and some great Kashmiri Chai tea. The tea was the best part, made by Honest Tea, of Bethesda, MD. I am keeping my tea label so I can contact them about selling this tea in the GoNOMAD Cafe.

The proprietor of this establishment told us that we were the first people to hook up to their new wireless internet via satellite. But there are more than five other networks that come through in this location already, so actually they did not need to add wireless since it was already here in copious amounts. But like us, they wanted to offer this to their customers. I heartily endorse anyone who brings WiFi to the masses…and mark my words in about two or three years there won’t be very many places where you won’t be able to get on-line.