Plastic Lennon Speaks Just Like John

John Lennon: Yoko’s Cash-In Continues, reports Roger Freidman on Fox News today.

“All right, this is for hard even for yours truly to believe, but here goes. It looks as if Yoko Ono has licensed a John Lennon action figure that will be sold, I don’t know, in stores of some kind. Parts of it may be referred to as the Plastic Lennon Hand (get it, Plastic Ono Band?)

Ono is clearly out to prove that there’s nothing you can sell that can’t be sold.

But there’s no limit to bad taste, and here we go again. You can actually see this thing at this link.National Entertainment Collectibles Association is the company with the license, and they’ve got a picture of the 18-inch plastic Lennon. They say it will talk, speaking “John Lennon” phrases. They also say it will be known as “The New York Years” Lennon.

NECA says this is the first ever licensed Lennon figure ever. That’s quite a distinction. There is a line of “Yellow Submarine” pose-able figures, but those are of Lennon and the other Beatles in character from the animated film. This is actually one of Lennon, with all profits going to Ono.