Broadway Dazzles and the Gazette Spikes Me

Faithful readers…I apologize for not updating since Monday…believe it or not such a lapse has never occured. So today will be the update of little tidbits that have been keeping me away from my blogging tasks.

* Went to NYC yesterday and met my mother Valerie. The city was jammed, but the broadway show we saw “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” was wonderful. The standout was Norbert Leo Butz, who played one of the swindlers next to John Lithgow. The stage rotated and the choreographers too full advantage; at one point a man on a bicycle turned into the front of a roulette wheel. Broadway never fails to dazzle!

* I’ve been politely rejected by the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Editor Larry Parnass spiked my tech column because I was too harsh about the future of printed newspapers. He made a good point in how vital and useful local papers still are, I am hoping to submit a slightly watered down version if they’ll have it.

* The Valley Advocate ran my piece on San Pedro de Atacama with Paul Shoul’s photo.

* Sony Stark is back from her around the world trip…and is writing a book and compiling her video about Semester at Sea. For the first time in decades, she doesn’t have a job to go to. Scary…but that is what makes life interesting, right Sony?