Look! Up in the Sky! Conjoined Monorails!

Just weeks after voters struck down plans for a new monorail, a design glitch and a communication mishap immobilized the old one. Seattle’s PI reported today.

Like conjoined twins, the Red and Blue trains remained frozen on the track above Fifth Avenue and Olive Way after the two sideswiped each other in a tight curve authorities have known about since 1989, when the inclusion of Westlake Center changed the original 1962 track design to taper at the point leading into the mall.

“It’s too narrow for two to be there,” said Seattle Center spokesman Perry Cooper “There was some sort of communication problem.”

There are supposed to be signal lights on the track and communication between drivers when both trains are running, he said, suggesting that one or both of those safety measures failed Saturday night.
“We’re very aware of the pinch point in the line, but it’s never happened since it’s been put in,” Cooper said. “It’s an unfortunate accident.