Wedding Day Don’ts

Today’s NY Times style section includes this set of tales about weddings.

“Her most vivid recollection involved a particularly brutish upstaging during a lavish wedding, just as the newlyweds began their first dance. As the number started, the groom’s college fraternity brothers, who were also on the wrestling team with him, invaded the dance floor.

“Here we have this gorgeous country club,” she said. “The band is getting ready to start up, and all of the sudden you see these six guys come flying across the floor, going back and forth,” in a series of wrestling exercises consisting of monkey rolls and throwbacks.

“And there’s the bride and groom, who had rehearsed for weeks, standing there with their mouths gaping open.”

Fortunately there are those times when what seem to be faux pas actually enhance a wedding. Elizabeth Felder McDermott, who lives in Charleston, S.C., took a flirtation with a visiting usher to extremes. In an attempt at dance-floor seduction, she spontaneously jumped into his arms, which were by no means open, causing him to fall and break his leg. Held captive in town to recuperate, the injured usher fell in love with her, and the two are now married, which happened to be the bride’s plan from the start