The Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Bellyflop

National Journal’s William Powers skewers Dow Jones’ newest edition…their much touted Weekend Journal.

“Deep breath, and here goes: I love The Wall Street Journal. Love the archaic text-heavy look; the little hand-done portraits of story subjects (“hedcuts,” to the trade); the What’s News column; the formulaic yet delightful front-page features (“A-heds”); the market-speak; the straight-ahead Washington and international coverage. And, ideology aside, the paper’s opinion pages are a marvel of cogent argument and tight editing — for pure craft, no liberal paper can touch them.”

Then Powers reviews their new Weekend paper.

“In one of the more spectacular bellyflops of modern media history, The Journal published a newspaper without a single inspired or memorable moment — a paper that felt like work to read, on the very day most of us are not working.

It’s like a scary cyborg of the Journal–convincing, lifelike resemblance, but no heart or soul inside. Perhaps, as the weeks pass, it will learn to be better. But don’t hold your breath: This is the newspaper business, where getting new products horribly wrong is a way of life.”