The Thrill of Throwing Cell Phones

At the post office this morning I found a discarded copy of Network World, where there was a story about a recent contest held in Finland involving hurling cell phones. The contest is simple, requiring only a basket of discarded and broken handsets, an open space, chairs for the three judges, measuring tape and sponsors. But cellphone makers have steered clear. Even giant Nokia, the star company of this small nation, spurned the notion. They got a licorice and a beer sponsor instead.

The champ, Mikko Lampi, a 23-year-old window maker from Vippula, hurled a Siemens cell phone a record 312 feet. Compare this to other hurling records: Javelin, 323 feet, football, 297 feet, boomerang 1401 feet.

“People just like throwing them,” said Christine Lund, who came up with the idea. “as a way of working out the ambivalence the devices introduce to modern life.”

The thrill of the hurl, reports Network News, seems to be spreading. This year Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK will all hold their own contests.