Hillary Fans Revved Up By Women Pres. on TV

Kristen Lombardi writes in the Village Voice about the excitement over tonight’s premier on TV, where a woman becomes President, in the new show with Gina Davis called “Commander in Chief.”

The Voice cites a poll that states 39 percent of Dems would be in favor of Hillary being the next democratic nominee for president, and many believe this fictional step will do wonders to pave the way for a real life woman to take over the Oval office.

Former toe-sucker and White House aide Dick Morris is writing a book on the 2008 race called Condi v. Hillary the next Great Presidential Race. Catfight anyone?

In tonight’s show, the President is dying of a brain aneurysm, and his last words are to ask her to resign, to let a man run the show.

Something tells me this ain’t gonna happen.