Dialing it up in Le Marche…s l o w l y !

Waiting and waiting here in this computer shop in Passo Sant’Angelo, Italy, for our emails to come up. Is this what is used to be like back in the dial-up era? We can’t believe how annoying this is…wow. When I think that most of the world’s internet is this slow, I can’t believe they’d ever wait. But finally we did get to check email during our trip here to Le Marche. This area of Eastern Italy is hilly and remote, and off the radar of most American and British tourists. So when you go to a cafe to order your cappuccino, you don’t get answered back in English, and the people around us are local folks. Comforting to know that Italy still has these wonderfully authentic places.

We had lunch in a family restaurant in the local village. Spaghetti carbonara, veal scallopini with lemon, an omelette with local truffles….and two desserts with espresso to wind it up. We chatted with the proprietor and learned that the villa we rented is for sale. Wow, maybe …. well it’s too early for that but we do have our eye on that other house on the hill over there, pictured here.