Yippee! Good News for Newspapers’ Websites

The Internet has proved to be a moneymaker for traditional newspapers, as they ring up big-time online ad revenue. David Utter reported today in Web Pro News.

“Quiet the carillons and stop the procession. Newspapers aren’t quite dead yet. Readership of the printed page may be down, but the online versions have pulled in over $500 million in ad revenue for the second quarter of 2005, according to MediaPost.

The Newspaper Association of America was cited as noting a jump in ad revenue of 29 percent from the same period last year. Overall, ad revenue for the papers only grew 2.8 percent from last year.

2005 online ad revenues for papers could see a figure of $1.4 billion if forecasts by eMarketer prove correct. Newspapers have been seeing this growth come at the expense of print advertising, a much more costly medium.”