Hef and His Three Girlfriends on TV

Hugh Hefner has a new reality show on E!. Comcast had this to say…”More than anything, the program is a bittersweet take on how one man’s dream might be an imperfect fantasy for his women.

“I think there’s two main adjectives people think when they see us: bimbo and slut,” Marquardt [one of Hef’s girlfriends] says, with a fixed smile and giggle.

And while all the women profess to enjoy their female camaraderie, Madison lays out the hard truth (and if she’s playacting for reality’s sake, she does a good job).
“Do I like him having other girlfriends? No,” she said. “I know I’m his No. 1 girlfriend but I think he needs to get rid of the extra girls.”

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The extras, however, seem intent on maintaining the status quo.

“Kendra and I are just icing on the cake,” Marquardt said, adding: “I can’t turn this down and go back to Lodi,” a reference to her small California hometown.
“I love him. He loves me,” Wilkinson firmly declares.

While “love” is a word that rarely slips from Hefner’s lips, at least on camera, he insists he is deeply romantic, the result of growing up with the glossy music and Hollywood love stories of the 1930s. Those who simply tally his exploits are missing the point, he said.”