Suzanne and Alex’s Evil Plan

Suzanne D’Amour once had it all. She married her boss, dentist Robert D’Amour, after meeting him on her job as a dental hygenist in Springfield, MA. After years of marriage to the man 22 years her senior, she got bored and met Alex Rankins, a beefy, black Springfield bar bouncer. Rankins became her lover, and they conspired to kill the older man to get at the inheritance money from his family, the founders of the Big Y Supermarket chain.

Rankins killed dentist D’Amour in 1993, but their secret plan unravelled and was exposed. After a lurid trial, both were sent to prison. Suzanne was in the news today, three years after she got out of jail, since she’s suing her son and brothers in law trying to get back money she said they stole from her. The sordid tale would make a great TV movie, said a friend, and young Paul jr said he never wants to see his mom again. At one point Suzanne even hired a “soldier of fortune” to break her out of prison with a helicopter. But the pilot took the money and never showed up with the ‘copter. A tale you might see on TV, right here in Western Massachusetts.