Starbuck’s Unofficial Spokes-blog

Jim Romenesko is a famous newspaper website columnist. Everyone in our business reads this guy’s famous Media column. But he also has another gig…His Starbucks Gossip Blog. At first I thought he had cashed out and was doing one of these hot new corporate blogs, for generous sums. But then I read this piece in the Milwaukee Sentinel, about how unofficial and thus, how worthy, Jim’s Starbucks blog really is.

“Reminded of a “Reservoir Dogs” scene in which tipping at McDonald’s was debated, “Deeznuttz” wrote: “You’ve got to be out of your (expletive) mind to tip at Starbucks. . . . Lord forbid if I’m buying for my girlfriend. Maybe add a pastry. Now I’m at $11 for 2 coffee’s and a donut??”

Or this, from “John”: “Even in a hash house, the waitress has to lug your food from the kitchen.”

“Brave Sir Robbin” who visits a Starbucks in Alexandria, Va., wrote: “there used to be a chick working behind the counter that looked a LOT like Sandra Bullock. She was really cute . . . if she’s still there, I’d just like to say that I’d gladly tip her . . . “

Where will it all end, asked one person, who didn’t include a name: “Eventually, under your logic, all tasks performed will require tips. Perhaps I’ll attach a jar in some way to my belt and when I vacuum the floor at home, or clean off the counter top, my wife can throw some change in there for me.”