Sabrina’s ‘Wandalust’ and Other Hot Blogs

Sabrina Dent publishes a cheeky and fun travel blog called “Wandalust,” and she was kind enough to include some comments on GoNOMAD in today’s edition. The fascinating thing is how some blogs, such as hers and others in the ‘Mink Media’ group are making money, publishing ads and taking serious stabs at grabbing the ad dollars being spent on line. Unlike TV news ad revenue, growing at about 1% a year, online the growth for 2005 is a whopping 21%!

These slick blogs and their offshoots, including “Honorable Fiend’ (recently voted one of Britain’s top blogs), are how many of the mainstream advertisers are reaching down into the blogosphere to capture those elusive eyeballs. CBS News has just announced a new website, where they will be able to post streaming video and try to reach those under age 60, who have realized that the network news isn’t the best way to find out what’s going on, and prefer reading on the web.