Al Franken, Still Not Funny

John Motavalli commented on Poynter about another Unfunny Al Franken moment.

“On his July 12 radio program, the same day British police were saying that 4 suicide bombers may have acted in the previous week’s bombings in London, Al Franken, who it must be said has never verbally supported the insurgents that I am aware of, nonetheless contributed a bizarre, unfunny skit to his radio show on Air America, making light of the suicide bomber phenomenon, personally portraying a fumbling terrorist who had tried 16 times to blow himself up but kept getting distracted.

Next, he played host to a producer of his, whom he introduced as a Palestinian, lamenting to her that if he ran for the Senate, he would have to take “Jew money” to win. He then asked his co-host, Katherine Lanpher, if he had gone too far and if he would get into “trouble.”

This guy is so bad for those of us who feel banded together against the GOP, these insulting, arrogant and just plain unfunny jokes from this show. Is this really the best the left can do? So far Air America, with the exception of Rachael Maddow, is a terrific disappointment.