Madaket’s Famous Faces

Last night on Nantucket I decided to head out of town. So I parked my bike and took a shuttle bus out to Madaket. Madaket doesn’t have much to it, a big boatyard, some fine homes, and a gorgeous harbor. But it does have the Westender, the bar where the sunset is the star, and you never know who you’ll run into.
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The last time I was here, in July, I ended up crashing a private party at this bar where there was lots of fine Nantucket beer and Tim Russert. I talked to him about his son, who was about to graduate from high school. So last night, I noticed a man who was sitting with his teenage sons. When he got up to leave, his face was familiar. It was coach Bill Belicheck, of the New England Patriots. Didn’t even get to tell him what a coaching genius he is…but he knows that.