Firing on All Eight Cylinders

Last week was a big one for GoNOMAD. We began the week with news that the Wall Street Journal included a mention of us in a story about where to find info. about family vacations. Then Channel 40 ABC news came up to interview me for the 5:30 news. Later in the week, Brad Shepard called from WHYN-AM 560, to do a short segment about GoNOMAD for his morning show. And finally we heard from Tom Vannah that the story I wrote about the Nude Vacation was going to be on the cover of both the Valley and the Hartford Advocates!

This all has to do with delegating. Since I have had Stephen Hartshorne and Paula Morzenti in the office doing web design, and Jenn and Jessi working as interns, it has enabled me to focus on the bigger picture. Promotions and sales are what the Chief needs to be doing, hence our string of recent publicity scores.