Female Orgasm: A Biological Leftover?

Jennifer Loviglio is a columnist for the Rochester City news, who just won an award from the folks who congratulate alternative weeklies. Her column, “the XXX files, looked at a study showing that female orgasms are relics from the biological past, like nipples on a man, not needed any more.

“Lloyd’s hypothesis raises some darker issues. If the female orgasm is just a biological leftover, like the appendix or pinky toe, does that mean it’s phasing out? Will our daughters’ daughters have even fewer orgasms and then, some bleak day in the distant future, none at all?

Well, I’m not going to stand for that, girls. Are you? I’m no sex biologist (but if you happen to know one in need of subjects, give a holler), however I’ll bet through diligence and hard work we can keep orgasms from fading out of the species.

Shows like Sex and the City, Real Sex, and even Dr. Phil make achieving the sublime seem almost mundane; it’s OK to admit that sometimes it takes more than just a symmetrical man to get you off.

So, ladies, start your engines. With or without your partner, grab your bunny-shaped vibrator, remote-control dolphin, and Eroscillator (with its five Flabbergasmic attachments!) and get busy. Ignore that occasional Mr. Potato Head feeling — all those oddly shaped items sticking into you — and go for the orgasm you deserve. Through your selfless efforts, Rochester will continue to shine as a place where women make a difference.