This Device Takes the Work Out of Blogging

Surfing around the web and found a lot of info on blogging. I found an odd new product. It’s called “AutoBlogger.” The tagline is, “you have a life to live.” This product mimics your style and will post your blogs for you. Really. Seems that already people are sick of blogging every day so this new product will do it for them, but make it look like you posted it.

“Seamlessly incorporating regular AutoBlogger entries into an online journal is easier than one might think. This step-by-step guide will help make switching as easy as possible.

To make the most of its AI capabilities, AutoBlogger requires a minimum of 15 entries to create a database from which properly to mimic your writing style. However, as many as 40 individual entries can be entered into the system files to increase how realistic your AutoBlogger-generated posts will be.

Please select these archived entries with care. Each must be at least 250 words long and a thoughtful representation of your typical colloquialisms, speech patterns, and emotional range. Musings about the meaning of life are good; shopping lists are bad.”