Spoofed…The Intern Didn’t Send The Diss

We were had. It started on Wednesday, as any of you regular readers would know, when I posted here about being rudely told off by the intern who didn’t want to come work with us after getting a better offer from National Geographic. After a more careful look at the email header, that came from a different email than hers, and a tearful phone message from the intern, we found out that someone had hacked into Christine’s Yahoo email and replied to us without her knowledge.

This is a scary thought…you’re on your way to a new job, and somebody blasts out an email with your name and phone number on it telling an editor off. She said that this is not the first time she’s been scorched like this. I told her I was sorry for her, and wished her well with NGS. I also spoke with Scott Stuckey at NGS, and gave her the ok. Then I shared the info with Poynter and Jim Romanesko, so that the other editors who had read about it and emailed support, now also know that we have all been set up.