Picking the Winner

Friday is going to be a fun evening. That is the night that Kent and Lisa St. John and Cindy Bigras and I will be judging the first winner in the GoNOMAD.com travel awards.
We came up with this idea back in January, that we would award four winners a $500 travel grant to help pay for a trip to write a story for GoNOMAD. Kent generously offered to endow this award, and we were sent more than 50 entries, ranging from a trip to Washington DC to an exotic exploration of Bolivia.

The contest rules called for one-page submissions, with a one-page resume. Only a few of the writers went over…so on Friday, we will relax with our glasses of wine and read over all of the entries. And narrow the choices down to five, and then agonize over our winner.

We are lucky to be in the position to make these awards, and we promised each entrant a fair shot and a free GoNOMAD tee shirt. We’ll share the winner of the contest here and on the website. If you’re inspired, we’re now accepting entries for the August award.