Life on Da Rock

Back on the rock in the cozy Dolphin Guest House on Nantucket. After a struggle, finally got the broadband wireless to work, so for the next few minutes I am connected. Squirrelly, though, so who knows how long. Last night I posted my story called “American Nudist” on, and a shorter version will appear shortly in the Advocate Newspapers.

On the trip out on the high speed ferry, we looked out the window to see the choppy surf wizzing past, the boat reaches a speed of about 45 mph, and it is up above the waves. I sat with some ladies who were on a tour with 47 others from NJ, and I told them some Nantucket secrets. I suggested they go to the Westender. This funky little place, way out on the western tip of the island, has a huge picture window facing the beach and glorious sunsets can be seen.