How do you Pack For a Nude Vacation?

At the end of day, I left the office to pack for my trip on Thursday to DeAnza Springs Resort, three miles from the Mexican border in the California desert. I thought about shorts, then thought, no, I won’t be wearing any. Then socks….you do need socks, even if you’re naked, right? Then I found sunscreen. And another bottle, and then a third, can’t have enough of that, right? Then I put a pair of dress shoes in the bag. At night, wouldn’t I want to don a pair of long pants to go out to dinner? But it is a nude resort, I thought, I won’t wear clothes from Thursday through Monday. But what about footwear? So I threw in Teva sandals and tennis shoes. Tennis is a big part of the lifestyle, according to the website.

I called Tom Vannah, editor of the Valley Advocate, and he took my call. That was nice, being an editor, and speaking with another editor. He said they want to publish my story about the naked vacation. He asked about photos….I wasn’t sure how to answer. I decided I’d bring my digital but vowed to be careful to ask permission and try to shoot some shots with strategic covers…a tennis racquet here, a palm frond there, so that he’ll have what he needs for the newspaper.
I promise to blog to share the experience as it happens. Tomorrow I’ll screw up my nerve, and walk out the hotel door, naked as the day I was born. Should be a rush.