He Hated that Robot Suit–But Then…

This from the Sun, UK’s loudest and best tabloid.

LONDON, England — Diminutive “Star Wars” actor Kenny Baker stopped complaining about his discomfort inside robot R2DT during filming for the sci-fi saga’s final episode – because the film crew plastered its interior with pictures of naked models.

The 70-year-old actor dreaded filming the first five Star Wars films because the awkward metal outfit was unbearable, but his work on the sixth installment, “Revenge of the Sith”, was more tolerable because he shared the costume with adult images nude women.

“The lads surprised me one day by sticking a load of Page Three pictures inside R2D2’s head. I got inside and wondered what the heck was going on,” Baker said. “I got cross-eyed looking at everything in front of me, but it was rather nice. It made it a lot more bearable.”