Back Room Blog Talk

The little button that I placed on the bottom of the blog has provided fascinating details about my readers here at Readuponit. The one that says “site meter,”

There were about 204 of you who came and read the site yesterday, you stayed an average of 39 seconds. Some of you came because you were googling things like “black eyed susan’s” or “wife swapping” two subjects that I posted months ago. It is clear that Google favors blogs like this one, since Readuonit jumps to the top of the search results for some really basic search terms. Being able to track this stuff is an endless well of time and energy, the fun part is seeing the terms people use to get here. I can delve deep and even see the Google results screens that brought readers here.

This blog is ranked 5/10 by Google, that means that other webpages presumably would benefit by linking to this page. Ok, Ok, I am waiting here and we do accept credit cards. Who wants to buy a link?