A Strong Little Guy

While at lunch at the BBA Polish Deli in South Deerfield, I picked up a copy of the Recorder. Front page news told of a brave or foolish 61-year old gas station attendent, who thwarted a would be robbery with his bare hands yesterday.

“Fazal Elahi was working alone at 1 am in the Route 202 Sunoco station in Orange, MA. A guy came into the storeand showedhim a shotgun and yelled “MONEY!” The clerk was stocking the shelves, but he turned around and grabbed the gun, and they began to struggle.” said Mohammed Khan, the owner.

He shouldn’t have done that but he did…he wrestled the guy outside and ran back into the store and shut the door,” Khan said. Left standing alone in the fueling area in front of the store after the struggle, the robber fled the area. Elahi had a small cut on his ear and some bruises said the store owner, from the butt of the shotgun.

Khan said he is certain that the 5′ 8″ Elahi has no military background or training, so he had no idea why the clerk decided to fight with the bandit. “He’s a strong little guy,” the store owner said.