Faster, Faster!

Broadband is marching along nicely. That is good because we feature so many photos and text on our website,,. dialup connections take decades to load and people won’t wait politely…they’ll just leave. Here is a story from, a good source of travel-related info that comes by email from the UK.

“The Internet population that accessed the Internet via a broadband connection grew by an astounding 24%, according to The Face of the Web. This resulted in less than a third of the Internet Users relying on narrowband dial-up as their primary access point.

The year 2004 also marked the year when the U.S. migrated over to a predominantly broadband country, where close to six out of ten users accessed the Internet through some high-speed connection. The highest broadband adoption, however, was seen in France, Urban Brazil and the U.K., growing by 59%, 50%, and 45% respectively. While dial-up access continues to be the prevalent access point in these economies, the broadband growth trend was particularly strong.”