Catfight on Wisteria Lane

Word is that a recent photo shoot with the ladies from Desperate Housewives got a little tense. This from AOL news…

“It looked like all smiles during the shoot, but Vanity Fair’s Ned Zeman witnessed a real-life soap opera unfold between the ladies. He says the all-day shoot was filled with tears, tantrums and profanity.

“Finally Marcia had enough and started swearing at this publicist in front of dozens of people,” he revealed.

Zeman says the trouble started before the shoot even began, when ABC demanded that Teri Hatcher not be placed in the middle of any group photos. “Teri Hatcher was always in the center, and I think that probably rubbed some people the wrong way,” Zeman told us.

And Zeman claims the catfight made Teri weep: “She was talking on her cell phone in tears basically because she was, in essence, the cause of it.”

But “Extra” caught up with Teri Sunday night at The Comedy for a Cure event in Los Angeles, where she was all smiles and just grateful to be on the cover. “I know what’s in the article and, however it comes off, I believe that everyone is as grateful to be on the show as I am,” she told us.”