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Kay oh, Kay Oh, Ess eye en gee, Kay Oh, Kay oh! ess eye en gee. That was our song long, long ago when each summer I boarded a bus in Brooklyn with forty mostly New Yorkers and traveled to Thetford Center, Vermont to camp.

It was not just any camp, it was Camp Kokosing, and there was a lake, and cabins and pretty girls and more black people than I had ever hung out with. There were plays, and music, and driving to field trips in the back of a stake truck, and a camaraderie that reflected the ’60s. We used to sing antiwar songs in the back of that truck.

Heading down to New York City tonight…to a reunion of the Camp Kokosing crowd. What is it like to go see people you haven’t seen in more than 35 years? No way I am gonna recognize them, but hey, they have a place in my heart so I am going to go and catch back up.